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yo!! i'm kai, 23, he/him i love belphie from obey me! a lot i draw him a ton sorry not sorry

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Note: A less detailed version can be found here


. I am profiction. This means that I do not condone harassment over what someone enjoys/creates in fiction. This is PURELY FICTION and does not extend to reality. Also, I do understand that fiction CAN effect reality, however, It does not effect reality completely, just like how video games do not directly cause violence, if at all. I still use proship, but I lean more towards profiction as it is quite easy to understand. (Here's a profiction carrd)

. This applies to the Obey Me! fandom: I like Demoncest, aka ships between the demon brothers. This mainly includes Belphie x Levi, but also Beel x Belphie, Satan x Asmo, Asmo x Levi, and Luci x Mammon. I usually abbreviate these with their birth numbers (aka 67, 37, etc) or ship names (Levphie, Satasmo, Beelphie, etc) although some ships don't have ship names yet.
As for lolisho, I do enjoy it (most of my fave characters are lolis, shotas, or at least have a baby face) but I ONLY retweet sfw lolisho. I just want to hug shota Belphie tbh.

. Since I am an adult and I enjoy NSFW content, I will most likely post/reblog some NSFW content. I draw and write NSFW sometimes, so it's only natural that I also post it here (since Tumblrs bots seem to be picky at which posts they flag.) This could include certain kinks like omorashi, belly kinks, etc, so please make use of muting tags.

. I mostly talk about OM! right now because it's my current hyperfixation, but I also enjoy other media which is listed in my about section.


. If you are a bigot (that should go without saying), a 'MAP' (again, that goes without saying), etc. You will be blocked.

. If you are a minor. I get super uncomfortable with minors following me, so I'd rather they didn't. You CAN reply to my sfw posts, but if I catch you interacting with my NSFW stuff I WILL block you.

. If you are an 'anti', aka, you condone harassment over fictional interests. This goes for ships, characters people like, kinks, etc. If you harrass people over a character someone likes, or fictional kinks they enjoy, you will most likely be blocked. This also goes for kinkshaming

. If you excuse racist imagery or RPF of minors because 'it's fiction'. Those should go without saying, but i've seen some 'proshippers' excuse it, so i'm putting it here.
Racist imagery needs no explanation, so: RPF is 'real person fiction', aka fanfiction of actors, singers, etc. RPF of minors would include real-life minors, and I don't think I really need to explain why that is very, very wrong.

Now, if you're okay with people who don't care about what people enjoy in fiction, or if you are one of those people, you're welcome to follow me!