Belphie's Squishy

yo!! i'm kai, 23, he/him i love belphie from obey me! a lot i draw him a ton sorry not sorry

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Note: You can find more in my carrd!


So first off; my names Squishy, i'm a trans guy, super into guys.
I very much LOVE Belphie from Obey Me!, and I kind of kin Belphie and Levi, whoops (not deep into it, doubles don't really mean anything to me)
I like to draw, mainly guys because gay but I have femme oc's and will draw them sometimes too lmao.

I have social anxiety so I don't talk much but I like making friends because that totally makes sense?? I don't know either my brain is weird.

My links are in my pinned, but I also have an ao3 and a DeviantArt!! Those are on my Tumblrs pinned and on my carrd here~

Other things I enjoy:

  • art
  • horror/creepypasta, ghosts, aliens, etc
  • 2000s aesthetic
  • emo aesthetic
  • techy stuff
  • true crime docs
  • many, many bands
  • cutesy things like plushies, magical girls, etc
  • 'creepy-cute' art
  • 'dark media'
  • mikumikudance

My current fandoms:

  • obey me!♥
  • miraculous!♥
  • princess connect
  • bandori
  • d4dj
  • sword art online
  • vocaloid
  • pokemon
  • dan and phil
  • given
  • yuri!!! on ice
  • azur lane